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José Luis Santiago, PhD presents at the Interdisciplinary Fisheries Seminar Series next week

THE SEVENTH TALK OF THE SERIES WILL COVER HIS LATEST PAPER ON THE socioeconomic impacts of catch limitations

12/06/2018 -

Next Wednesday, June 20, at 1pm, José Luis Santiago will be presenting his latest published paper in the journal Fisheries Research at the Interdisciplinary Fisheries Seminar Series (IFS). IFS is the seminar series at the University of Vigo presented by Campus do Mar and ECOBAS.

In his seminar entitled “An applied method for assessing socioeconomic impacts of European fisheries quota-based management” José Luis will cover how they quantified the socioeconomic impacts linked to the determination of annual fishing quotas for major fleet segments managed by European Union. He will also explain how this applies to the analysis of fishing activity in Galicia, something that he has been working on since his PhD work with Prof. Juan Surís.

The full seminar announcement and the talk’s abstract can be found here.

We look forward to an inspiring talk and discussion at Seminar Room B of the School of Economics of the University of Vigo!

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