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New job offer for 5 field work assistants in project CLOCK

During 1 month candidates will conduct interviews at fishers guilds in Galicia

01/06/2018 -

At FOL we are excited to publish an offer for 5 field work assistant positions for this month of July. Full job details can be found in the EURAXESS website and in these files in English, Spanish, and Galician.

Successful applicants will interview fishers and shellfish-gatherers in 10 Galician communities (confradías) along Galicia’s coastline. These interviews are part of a PhD research framed in the ERC project CLOCK, a highly multidisciplinary project that addresses Adaptation to Climate Change in Marine systems from the ecological, social, and economic perspectives. Candidates will have the chance to explore the Galician case study of small-scale fisheries and implement in person survey methods in the field.

We look forward to reading your applications! Interested candidates please send application materials, following the indications in the EURAXESS job offer (same as PDFs in this news note), to

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