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Future Oceans Around ends its second-year programme

Training Resilience thinking among students by a discussion process

30/04/2018 -

As the last session of this academic year 2017/18, Future Occeans Around finish its route with the group of 2º Bach students at IES Val Miñor focusing on Resilience Thinking.

Resilience is considered as the capacity of a system (social-ecological system in this case) to experience shocks while retaining essentially the same function, structure, feedbacks and identity. Applying this concept on complex-adaptive systems is a challenging goal that the scientific community is still tackling around the world.

As final step of this second-year programme, Future Oceans Around aims to foster resilience thinking on broad citizen, in this case among students. After a brief description of Galician SSF, and understanding the complexity of this social-ecological system, students discussed every resilience principles during the session, identifying trade-offs and synergies between them. Also they attempt to observes the implications of the principles application on real cases study.

This resilience perspective was the main driver and the linking vector of every session of Future Oceans Around from Marine Reserves to Ocean Health Index covering Planetary boundaries and other hot topics related. Looking through resilience lens, we enhance a deeper and complex meaning of social-ecological processes, consequences and alternatives to target sustainability and climate change adaptation in marine systems, specifically in small-scale fisheries. After this hard work, a new way of understand the reality can open the possibility to see key patterns and aspects hidden so far by other perspectives.

Thank you very much for this great course full of new and edge-breaking ideas, and good luck!

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