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FOL in the PERCEBES meeting at the Roscoff Marine Station

Alba Aguión has travelled to Britanny to meet PERCEBES research fellows

25/04/2018 -

As part of the project PERCEBES, 5 European universities are collaborating to understand the implications of spatial management for the barnacle fishery in SW Europe. These universities are: Oviedo and Vigo (Spain), Aveiro and Évora (Portugal) and Sorbonne (France). In July 2017 the different regions started a 2-year experiment to understand the effects of harvesting on the productivity of the barnacle stands. In Vigo, this experiment is lead by Elsa Vázquez, Gonzalo Macho and FOL member Alba Aguión and aims to get a better understanding of the recovery rates of the resource; information that will be incorporated in Alba´s bioeconomic model.

Last week a meeting was held at the Roscoff Marine Station were the different fellows participated to share advances on the experiments in the different regions and to develop a common protocol for the new installation needed for this summer. Poaching and lost of some experimental sites due to storms were some of the problems discussed. However, the experiment is going good and running in all regions. In Galicia we are preparing the second part, wish us luck!

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