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Raquel Ruiz Díaz joins FOL for a 2-month research stay

Raquel will be working on research for her master's thesis with FOL teammembers Alba and Sissi

26/03/2018 -

We are looking forward to welcoming Raquel Ruiz Díaz at FOL for a 2-month research stay. Raquel joins us from Ghent University, Belgium, where she is studying her International Masters’ in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea). During her stay she will be collaborating with Alba Aguión and Sissi Liu in a study to map out the key drivers affecting the harvest of the Galician barnacle fishery.

Raquel brings a rich experience in the fields of applied marine ecology and of fisheries science, with four publications in peer review journals. Previously she has worked on research related to the latitudinal patters in the life-history traits of deep sea crustaceans in the Macaronesia, the introduction of invasive species to the Canary Islands through oil platforms, and the methodologies to create and certify Coastal Ecoturistic Areas. Raquel is also very committed to science outreach, having worked in an Aquarium as an environmental educator. She holds a BS in Marine Science from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2015) with a specialization in Marine Biological Resources.

Welcome to FOL, Raquel!

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