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FOL collaborates with the regional government to study Galician small-scale fisheries

An agreement between the Galician Fisheries Administration and FOL has been signed to conduct marine research together

15/03/2018 -

Small-scale fisheries in Galicia are managed at a regional level. The Consellería do Mar (Xunta de Galicia) is responsible of the shellfish and other artisanal fishing practices, aquaculture activities and the processing of marine products. As part of their work, they gather and analyse data of the different fisheries in Galicia aiming to ensure a sustainable management of the resources. Information such as the kilograms sold, the number of licenses and the value of the catches are found at Pesca de Galicia. As part of the Consellería do Mar,  the Dirección Xeral de Desenvolvemento Pesqueiro is responsible of the management and conservation of the shellfish resources.

As part of her PhD, Alba Aguión studies the implications of climate change for benthic resources, taking the Stalked Barnacle fishery in Galicia as her case study. To understand the current situation of the fishery and thus, to construct her bioeconomic model, Alba needs the effort and spatial data that the Dirección Xeral de Desenvolvemento Pesqueiro works with. In order to collaborate and study the optimal design of the fishery in the long-term, an agreement between FOL and this organism has been signed to share this information. From FOL we are very happy to announce the start of this collaboration and we hope to extent it to other resources in the near future!

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