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Future Oceans Lab on air

Future Oceans Lab was interviewed by radio program Efervesciencia

14/03/2018 -

Marine systems, temperature patterns, oceanic currents, climate change, fish distribution, social dependence, socio-economic implications, resilience and adaptation are some words that can perfectly define the research at Future Oceans Lab. Last weekend, Future Oceans Lab was interviewed by the Galician radio programme Efervesciencia. During this relaxed talk, FOL got closer to the audience to bring novel ideas and scientific dilemmas that the research group is working on.

During the interview Elena Ojea, talked about her beginnings in science from environmental science, moving towards socio-economic research and linking both domains towards oceans sustainability with the ERC Starting Grant. Also, she could explain how the idea of Future Oceans Lab and CLOCK project was born and finally materialized.

Alba Aguión and Diego Salgueiro, PhD students of the interdisciplinary research group also had the chance to take part in this experience. Alba could communicate how goose neck barnacles are important not only for biological sciences and evolution theory, but also for coastal communities, sustainability policies and management tools when climate change impacts on the marine systems. Diego explained the complexity of social adaptation to climate change when this process includes social and environmental domains, being both dynamic, coupled and adaptive systems. Also the fundamental role of adaptation in many sectors, such as small-scale fisheries. Other activities developed by FOL such as scientific outreach or projects with social groups were also discussed in this meeting.

A take home message from this interview would be: don´t forget the global perspective and learn from working also at local scales, connecting different disciplines. This very well defines the line on which FOL is working on and could be the final message of this engaging experience.

The interview can be heard here.

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