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Teaching a Marine Sciences Course at the University of Vigo

PhD candidate Alba Aguión will be teaching in the lab sessions of a Marine Zoology course

01/03/2018 -

In the following weeks FOL PhD candidate Alba Aguión will be joining the team teaching the Marine Zoology class to second-year Marine Sciences students at the University of Vigo. The course is coordinated by the professors Francisco Ramil and Elsa Vázquez and it counts with lectures and laboratory sessions. Alba will assist Francisco Ramil and the postdoc Laura Peteiro carrying on dissections of marine animals such as barnacles, mussels and fish.

At FOL we are excited to see Alba take on this new challenge, investing time and effort to acquire a well-rounded skill set during her PhD. This teaching experience will cover part of the teaching requirement of Alba’s FPU doctoral scholarship (Formación de Profesorado Universitario) of the Spanish Ministry of Education. This prestigious scholarship is awarded to students with high potential for a successful career in academia upon graduation.

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