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CLOCK research will be represented in Washington DC at ECCWO18

4th Symposium on the Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans

19/02/2018 -

Climate change and fisheries research community gets together every 3 years on the International  Symposium on the  at the Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans (ECCWO). The event is organized jointly by ICES and PICES, the regional fisheries councils that provide scientific advice for management in the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. World experts working on all science fields addressing impacts, adaptation and mitigation of climate change present their work and interact in a series of workshops that are directed to having an impact in climate change policy and science. As a result, we find an exciting, motivating and multidisciplinar environment to learn and present our findings from the first year of CLOCK.

FOL will have a strong presence at the symposium with 4 different research studies selected. Iratxe Rubio will present her work on the impacts of climate change in international tuna catches, and Elena Ojea will present a paper she is doing in collaboration with Elena Fontán on European countries fisheries resilience. Since we all cannot cross the Ocean to DC, the work of Xiaozi Liu on a scheme to avoid overexploitation of transboundary stocks affected by climate change will be presented as a poster. Finally, our collaboration with Erendira Aceves and Laura E. Dee on the role of marine reserves for climate change adaptation will be also presented by Erendira.

We will have the chance to spend time with many collaborators that we only see eventually and/or in skype, such as plenary speakers Alistair Hobday from CSIRO, and Myron Peck from CERES, as well as close but distant collaborators like Laura Dee from University of Minnesota, and many other colleagues from this important lines of research. We are very excited to participate and look forward the week in DC addressing the important and evolving challenges climate change poses for sustainable oceans worldwide.


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