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2018 FOA curriculum focuses on identifying planetary boundaries at a regional scale

Students of IES Val Miñor analysed the planetary boundaries and discussed about the utility of the framework

14/02/2018 -

Future Oceans Around starts the new year 2018 with a planetary perspective.

This week, Future Oceans Lab lead the fourth session of Future Oceans Around at  IES Val Miñor to talk about the Planetary Boundaries Framework. This framework aims the description of social-ecological processes that main drives the transforming status of the planet. This framework also quantifies the boundaries and let us see where the thresholds are and if we already passed or not.

Students of second year of Bacherelato (last year of high school) worked in the identification of the main ecological processes that drive the planet to the transformation due to the anthropogenic activity. Regional identification, inter-connections between processes, social and environmental consequences and preventive measurements at individual and collective scales were discussed.

The deep diagnosis and the presentation of results concentrated  all the attention of the session.

Thanks again for your excellent work, researchers!

See you soon!

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