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FOL’s collaboration in a newly released report by EDF

EDF Europe has launched a report on impacts of warming oceans on North East Atlantic fisheries management and governance

08/02/2018 -

After the collaborative workshop on climate change impacts and fisheries management held in Copenhagen last August 2017 which FOL member Iratxe Rubio attended, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) published last week a report entitled Climate-Related Impacts on Fisheries Management and Governance in the North East Atlantic.

EDF is a non-profit organization that advocates using science, economics, and law to find effective environmental solutions that benefit people while protecting natural systems. Willing to create thriving oceans in our lifetime, EDF Oceans Europe has launched a report providing insights into how climate change could affect North East Atlantic fisheries in the future and finds that through fast-action “we can adapt fishery management systems to effectively respond to future climate-related challenges”.

Moreover, the report states that in the context of warming oceans, a more adaptive and ecosystem-focused framework is needed in both science and policy infrastructure which support fisheries management. FOL is well involved in that purpose through its research on understanding climate change impacts and adaptation in marine systems and seeking smart solutions for future oceans sustainability.


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