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Presenting our work on commercial fish shifting stocks

Elena Ojea at the University of Santiago de Compostela (IDEGA) for a scientific seminar

06/02/2018 -

Almost 10 years ago, in June 2008, Elena Ojea was finalizing her PhD thesis at the Galician Institute for Development (IDEGA-USC), writing the last lines of her dissertation work. Directed by Professor Maria L. Loureiro, Elena found how societal preferences towards recovering marine species, including depleted stocks, was motivated by altruistic attitudes, and once species are recovered to safe minimum standard preferences change to be more utilitarian.  Last week, and almost 10 years after, Elena is back to the IDEGA institute to present her current work in the Future Oceans lab, under the ERC-Starting grant project CLOCK.

Elena presented the first results of a joint collaboration within the lab to understand what are the socioeconomic implications of marine commercial stocks impacted by climate change. The focus has therefore shifted towards understanding impacts that are already affecting fisheries of high economic importance. The seminar was organized by Yolanda Pena Boquete, from IDEGA and Ayeconomics. It was a great experience to go back to Santiago and present the very first results of CLOCK.

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