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FOL meets PERCEBES research fellows in Portugal

Elena and Alba attented the meeting scheduled for January 29th and 30th at the University of Aveiro

30/01/2018 -

As part of the PERCEBES project, the larval connectivity patterns of the Stalked Barnacle in Europe are being studied. Since population connectivity is a key feature when it comes to spatial management, larval models will provide precious information for Alba´s research on the optimal management design for this resource in Galicia. These connectivity models are being constructed by Jesus Dubert, Henrique Queiroga and Rita Nolasco, members of the PERCEBES BioDiversa project, and researchers at the University of Aveiro (Portugal). After a year of hard work, the researchers presented preliminary results during a 2-day meeting hold at their university in Aveiro (Portugal).

This meeting has been the first gathering after the PERCEBES project was launched in March 2017 in Sines. This has not only been a good occasion to share some preliminar results on the larval model and discuss the different biological parameters that need to be included, but a perfect chance to update all members with the latest research the team is conducting. FOL member Alba presented her first results on the current research she leads in PERCEBES; related to the description and comparison of the different management systems for the species in Europe. It has been great seeing you all again and we look forward to the next meeting in Roscoff in April!


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