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Workshop on the ecosystem services provided by Marine Protected Areas

We attend the ECOMAR meeting held in Vigo with researchers from Portugal and Spain

24/01/2018 -

ECOMAR is a network project financed by CYTED where researchers from Portugal, Spain and Latin American Countries work together to understand ecosystem services in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). As part of the activities, this week 15 researchers from the European network have met at the University of Vigo to advance on the joint research. ECOMAR allows the exchange of reserachers between partner countries and has set an agenda of research and activities for the following two years.

The meeting in Vigo today has focused on three research lines regarding ecosystem services in MPAs. First is the existing evidence in the literature, second is the role of cultural services in MPAs and third is the role of small scale fisheries. Case study areas are already identified and information is being collected on the different MPAs. The project webpage will be online soon. Next meeting will be held in July in Santa Marta (Colombia), where preliminary results will be already discussed.

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