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New publication on co-production of marine ecosystem services

Elena and colleagues analyze five small-scale fisheries in Galicia and Northern Portugal

02/01/2018 -

We are starting off the New Year right at FOL with the publication of an analysis of co-production of marine ecosystem services (ES) in the International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management. The publication, lead by Luis Outeiro from the University of Santiago (USC) is a result of the ICES working group on marine ecosystem services and resilience.

Elena and colleagues in Portugal, Spain, France, Norway, and Sweden, analyze five small-scale fisheries in Ría de Arousa, Galicia (Spain), and Northern Portugal. The analysis includes three different harvesting systems of shellfish harvesting, intensive semi-aquaculture, extensive semi-aquaculture, and wild harvesting, as well as beach seine and octopus pots fisheries. They find that the nature of the relationship between marine ES and co-production levels is linear for some ES, like provisioning, but not for others, like cultural ES, and that management practices could be key to the set of the co-production of ES.

The paper is open-access, published online December 29, 2017. A PDF copy can be accessed here.

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