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FOL begins collaboration with ALIADAS network in Ría de Vigo

FOL learns about the local social-ecological reality and helps with the training program

19/12/2017 -

FOL began to work on the project ALIADAS of the CANDIEIRA network, dedicated to the support of women in the fisheries sector. This is the second initiative we collaborate on since we started working together this summer on project EMBARCA, dedicated to creating incentives for women entrepreneurs in marine tourism.

Similarly to EMBARCA, ALIADAS is a local project strongly linked with the reality of each region, its people, and their challenges and opportunities, in the four territories designated as Groups of Local Action of the Fisheries Sector (GALP) – Ría de Vigo, Ría de Pontevedra, Golfo Ártabro Norte, and Arousa.

In the Ría de Vigo-A Guarda GALP, ALIADAS is born with the title “Todas aprendemos e todas ensinamos” (“Everyone learns and everyone teaches”) and with the goal of designing a cooperative training program and a common learning space where plural backgrounds meet and flourish to meet multiple needs with creative solutions. ALIADAS’ main topics are equity, social-personal skills, project management, networking, and cooperation tools, like sociograms, relations-maps, new participation dynamics strategies, and project development tools. The project includes a practical component, focused on social skills and tools that enhance the strength of the network and its associated actions. In the first steps of this pro-active and multicolored network FOL will participate as a stakeholder, learning and contributing to the training program for capacity building.

(Photo credit: CANDIEIRA Project)

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