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Future Oceans Around assesses the ecosystem services in Val Miñor region

Students of IES Val Miñor valued the ecosystem services of their region

23/11/2017 -

This morning we shared a brief session with the students of IES Val Miñor evaluating Ecosystem Services and discuss about the impacts on the society, as part of our on going Future Oceans Around Programme.

During this meeting, the ecosystem services session involved elements of role-play based on topics drawn from current, real-life issues. So, students created their environmental consultancy to evaluate ecosystem status in the region, as well as ecosystem services for society and why they vary in space. They identified potential impacts to ecosystem services in the region, that depend on different management strategies that citizens can be involved in, now and in the future. The concept, the reasons and the utility of ecosystem services were explained and well understood.

At the end of the session, the working group discussion highlighted the lack of awareness and knowledge of residents about their territory and its environmental services as well as the idea that everybody is managing the territory indirectly. So, different management strategies should take into account these key aspects among others for environmental decision-making to manage common pool resources and tackle the impacts of climate change that we can see in many places around the world. In the following sessions of Future Oceans Around these points will be developed and improved.

Thanks to these active environmental managers, very good job!

See you in December!

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