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EMBARCA project walks its first step in Arcade

The fishing tourism project created on Candieira, completed its first workshop last week in Arcade

02/11/2017 -

FOL got part last week in EMBARCA project, which aims to disseminate the knowledge, culture and practices that shellfish gathers hold from their daily life. Not only framing the value of the marine resources or the beauty of shellfish gathers activity and surroundings, EMBARCA will also show woman role in these communities and its importance, the knowledge that these workers keep and pass on through generations and the hard conditions and difficult situations that they have to cope in the small-scale fisheries communities.

During the session, participants from different sectors (small-scale fisheries, science, social organizations, tourism, public institutions)  meet each other, facing the several realities that small-scale fisheries entail, defined in the different stages of the EMBARCA project, and discussing another promising project that will be soon presented.

The workshop was developed in an interactive, dynamic and very professional way. Following the outline, we got the expected goals for this meeting that will be the base-line material for the second step of the project, the targeted audience.

New sessions full of ideas, novel participation and people will come in the upcoming sessions in the following weeks . The building up o the process is based on a multidisciplinary perspective, with people engagement and with time to share that is growing everyday.


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