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FOL at the Fisheries Economics workshop in Norway

Future Oceans Lab participated in fisheries economics workshop at the Norwegian School of Economics.

30/10/2017 -

Xiaozi, a Postdoc researcher at the FOL, participated in two-day Fisheries Economics workshop in Bergen Norway (Oct. 27-28, 2017). The workshop is initiated by Dr. Kvamsdal who leads ARCtic Marine Resources under Climate Change: Environmental, Socio-Economic Perspectives and Governance funded by the Research Council of Norway. Fisheries economists from Norway, Finland, Canada, US, and Spain shared their research on various topics; e.g, fisheries cooperative game, density dependent growth, multiple-species management, structural program evaluation approach, and quota distributional effect.

The workshop is an excellent venue to discuss shifting stocks and game theory, one of the priority research topics for FOL. Several fisheries economists working on game theory were present at the workshop; e.g.,  Rognvaldur Hannesson, professor emeritus at NHH, is one of the first authors who has written climate-driven fish stock shift from a game theoretic  perspective. Some called his 2007 paper titled “Global warming and fish migration” a seminal paper in the field; Dr. Marko Lindroos from University of Helsinki in Finland has published several papers on cooperative fisheries game, including a co-authored paper with Xiaozi, where they investigated the optimal sharing rules for Norwegian-spring-spawning herring undergoing spatial distributional shift.


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