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Future Oceans Around 2.0: The second-year-outreach program at the high school

We celebrate the first session of our dissemination program at IES Val Miñor for this new academic year

27/10/2017 -

Fully charged of energy after the long summer holidays, FOL is ready to share, learn, work and play with the new group of Earth and Environment science students of IES Val Miñor about research questions, scientific problems and decision-making processes in real cases. Future Oceans Around 2.0 has started yesterday, 26th October 2017, and will last until May, 2018. During this period FOL will visit  2ºBach students at IES Val Miñor once per month to talk about international scientific topics and related problems.

Yesterday we had the first session where we focus on understanding, analyzing and developing the Social Ecological System Framework (SES). We started with a frameworks introduction, a bit of history and the identification of variables in real life. Students described perfectly the different subsystems in a SES framework, giving examples in Small-Scale Fisheries for sardine and clam resources. Furthermore, they identified some gaps and added new information. Also, we discussed about what happens when SES are not sustainable, and the transformation process of these systems. Finally, young researchers were analyzing which variables should be changed if we really desire a sustainable SES.

Are we all part of SES? What can we do? How can we understand them? How can we avoid collapses? Some open questions that still need to be solved. Thank you very much to all these researchers. It was a challenging session, see you next month!

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