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We present our work in CIRED-Paris

The research centre on environment and development focuses on climate change

16/10/2017 -

Last week Elena Ojea gave a seminar at the Centre International de Reserche sur l’Environment at Dévelopment (CIRED) in Paris (France). CIRED is a world class research center where multi-disciplinar researchers work in climate change and energy research, with special focus in policy. The center holds a weekly seminar program where they open presentations to international researchers and FOL has travel to Paris to present some of our current work and the project CLOCK.

Elena was invited by the researcher Luis-Gaëtan Giraudet, who works on energy demand under climate change. Energy demand is crucial in determining future climate emission scenarios as well as for predicting and planning adaptation in developing countries. It was a great experience to get to present our work and have first hand feedback from such a group of researchers and we hope we can establish further collaborations soon.

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