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Prof. Steve Gaines in Vigo for CLOCK first advisory meeting

UCSB Professor gets to know first hand Galician fisheries and CLOCK project progress

10/10/2017 -

Last week we spend some days with Professor Steve Gaines  and Peggy Lubchenco, who were visiting us from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Prof. Gaines  is the dean of the Bren School for Environmental Management at UCSB, and we are honored to have him in the ERC project CLOCK  board of advisors.  With decades of expertise on marine ecology, conservation and management, Prof. Gaines has helped us to guide our project thanks to his sound expertise in marine ecology and conservation, marine reserves design and climate change impacts and adaptation in the oceans. in this last line of work, Prof. Gaines gave a keynote at the FAOConxemar Climate Change and Fisheries Congress held in Vigo last Monday, that we were also able to attend.

During their stay, our visitors were able to visit our lab in campus as well as the ECIMAT. We also left the office for the field and the group joined our guests to different fisheries in Galicia to illustrate the social-ecological systems that we are working with. These visits included a trip to learn from shellfish gathers woman cooperative in Cambados, artisanal fishing in Cangas, and the international and local fish market auctions at the fishing port. EDF‘s Rafael Ortiz also accompanied us to Cambados with fisheries representatives from Mexico. It was a great week to get to know better each other and establish new trans-Atlantic links in fisheries research and management.

*Sissi, Elena O, Alba, Elena F, Iratxe, Julia and Steve. Missing Diego Salgueiro and Peggy in this group picture.
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