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Future Oceans Lab participation in ICES ASC 2017

Diego and Alba attented the conference in Florida to present their ongoing work about climate change adaptation in fisheries

03/10/2017 -

Future Oceans Lab has taken part in the ICES Annual Science Conference 2017 held at Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA) last week. This year the congress consisted in 19 theme sessions that comprise oral and poster presentations from researchers from all over the world. PhD students Diego Salguiero and Alba Aguión attented the event to present our work on climate change adaptation in fisheries.

Diego presented on Wednesday 20th the results of his first goal of his PhD. His work aims to clarify the common understanding of SESs into a climate change context. He synthesise  scientific knowledge and stake-holders engagement in SES assesment,  building a preliminary framework to understand adaptation process in climate change impacts on Small-Scale Fisheries. Galician case study was analyzed and conclusions were discussed. It was a good chance to explain the new designed methodology already applied in a real case with a fruitful ending for questions and further ideas to follow during his thesis.

Besides the oral communication, Future Oceans Lab participated in the poster session held on Wednesday 20th afternoon. In theme session F, Alba presented the preliminar results of an ongoing work from the team that she is leading. During the presentation the current evidence of distributional shifts of marine stocks due to climate change was discussed, and by taking a step further, the socioeconomic implications of such changes were explored.

Besides being a great chance to train our oral communication skills, the sessions provided the chance to get feedback from researchers and authors of the papers used for our work. From here we want to thank ICES to accept our participation in the congress and Universidad de Vigo for the travel funding grant awarded for our visit to Florida!

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