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We receive a special visit from UBC

Prof. Rashid Sumaila is in Vigo giving a class in DO*Mar PhD program

29/09/2017 -

This week we had the great pleasure to host a discussion session with Professor Rashid Sumaila from the University of British Columbia (Canada). Prof. Sumaila has great expertise in fisheries economics, with many relevant contributions to climate change socio-economic impacts and policies as well as the effects of economic incentives in fisheries around the globe. For CLOCK, understanding the role of the different fisheries policies in adaptation to climate change is key if we want to propose new solutions for the future. At the same time, the group had the chance to discuss in more detail the research lines we are developing and some of the details of our PhD work.

Prof. Sumaila told us about the steps he took for his  academic career and encouraged the students to be critical and very active in their work.  We also learned about UBC current projects, where many of the international references on climate change impacts and adaptation in marine systems are affiliated. In the future, we will explore the possibility of visiting Canada and learn from their broad experience in the field. We thank the visitor for his time with us and hope to see him back soon.

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