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Cambodia and Vigo to collaborate on marine research

A Cambodian delegation spend some days in vigo for DOCKSIDE project

27/09/2017 -

Cambodia is a 15 million people country located in south east Asia in between Thailand and Vietnam. Thanks to the Erasmus+ EU funded project DOCKSIDE, we had the chance to meet researchers from Cambodian Universities and research centers in Vigo last week. DOCKSIDE is a collaborative project together with a French and a Danish university  to develop new PhD programs in marine sciences. The project started in 2016 and will last for another two more years where students from Campus do Mar and researchers will have the chance to meet and collaborate with researchers and students from Cambodia. At the same time, representatives form Cambodian institutions have the chance to see first hand the PhD and Master programs developed in these European universities and design their programs and liaisons.

As Future Oceans Lab, we presented our group short history and achievements, as well as the knowledge transference policies we have. We also had the chance to accompany them in some of the programmed activities, including a visit to Vigo’s port and the fish market, and the cooperative of ship owners so that our new members can soon get to know the local fishing sector.


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