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Alba Aguión awarded the FPU-PhD fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Education

FOL PhD student has been awarded with a four year doctoral fellowship to keep her research on spatial management and climate change

26/09/2017 -

The government of Spain offers annually around 750 PhD fellowships for professional training of university lecturers for all areas of knowledge. These scholarships are popularly known as FPU or Formación de Profesorado Universitario and they target doctoral students who wish to focus their professional activity on university teaching and research.

FOL PhD student Alba Aguión has been awarded one of the 12 FPU positions available this year for all Spain in livestock and fisheries research. FPU fellowships are awarded on merit of academic achievements and are highly competitive. The selection process consists on two stages: first, a selection process based on GPA and second, an evaluation of the student´s thesis proposal, curriculum vitae, supervisor curriculum vitae (in the case of Alba Elena Ojea) and the last 5 years of scientific background of the researchers the student will be working with (for Alba Gonzalo Macho, Elsa Vázquez and Christopher Costello). Alba´s FPU fellowship will last 42 months starting October 2017 and she will continue her work on spatial management and climate change.

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