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We go to Baiona to join a program to support women in fisheries

Pproject CANDIEIRA conducts a workshop to identify ideas for social change

20/09/2017 -

Fisherwomen in Galicia (Spain) have been gaining rights and recognition through recent history but there are many challenges and inequities still nowadays. The EU Maritime and Fisheries Fund supports the regional government and local coastal action groups on the project Candieira. This project  fosters cooperation and networking in artisanal fisheries for empowering women in fisheries. Women have been traditionally involved in many fisheries, mainly in shellfish gathering where about 90% fishers are women, working with fishing nets and in the processing (mainly canning) industry. Nowadays the number of women representatives in fisher guilds, ship owners and association leaders is growing, with the first Spanish association of women in fisheries ANMUPESCA constituted last year.

The workshop in Baiona (Pontevedra, Spain) put together more than 20 participants to hear success stories and debate future needs and actions that the project can support in the following years. We had presentations from women lead initiatives such as the national fisherwomen association ANMUPESCA, to shellfish gatherers diversification strategies integrating tourism in the shellfish activities in GUIMATUR. Future Oceans participated again in this workshop to learn from these experiences and understand what are the main challenges and potential solutions for women in fisheries in our region.

*photo credit by candieira project.
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