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FOL welcomes Xiaozi to the team

Dr. Liu joins ERC-CLOCK project to work on bioeconomic modelling

13/09/2017 -

Xiaozi Liu is joining FOL as a postdoctoral fellow during the next two years to work on the ERC-Starting Grant project CLOCK. Her broad experience in fisheries economics under a climate change perspective and game theory applied to fisheries transboundary problems will contribute very positively to reach the objectives of CLOCK.

Xiaozi will be responsible for developing a new spatial model for sustainable management of fish stocks affected by climate change. Moreover, this model will be used to simulate optimal adaptation in the different fisheries studied in CLOCK in order to introduce fisheries adaptation at the top of the regional and international adaptation policy agendas.

We are delighted to have Xiaozi as new member of FOL and can’t wait to work with her. Welcome Sisi!

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