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Getting started in Candieira Project

FOL joins Candieira Project to make the most of its work in Social-Ecological Systems

24/08/2017 -

Candieira project arose from the continuous challenges for women in marine and fishing sector in Galician territory. The project aims to build a network for supporting and promoting women in the marine sector in the coastal areas of Galicia.

Last month, Candieira was launched in the coastal municipalities of GALP engaging different stakeholders linked to equity, entrepreneurship and innovation with the aim of creating an engine group to drive the project, and develop its outcomes afterwards. So, Future Oceans Lab attended to the presentation in Baiona to get introduced to this promising project in order to learn, participate and make this world equitable.

From next September to April 2018, Candieira is going to develop several open workshops with room to collaborate, experiment and create new initiatives to help overcome gender challenges. One of the goals of this phase is to work and learn together building a healthy network.

Candieira reaches its last stage on May 2018, when the network of women will be active along the Galician coast.


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