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Adaptation of small-scale fisheries to climate change, new PhD project in Campus do Mar

Diego´s research proposal has been incorporated to the PhD program

02/08/2017 -

Diego Salgueiro Otero, PhD candidate in Future Oceans Lab recently presented his research proposal on the adaptation processes of artisanal fishing in order to be accepted in Campus doMar Doctoral Program. He aims to analyze this activity as one Social-Ecological Systems (SES) with potential resilient capacity (and important Social-Ecological niche) to face climate change. This idea was presented and communicated to his Advisory Committee last month successfully.

Diego´s Advisory committee board was formed by Orjän Bodin (Stockholm Resilience Centre), Sebastián Villasante (University of Santiago de Compostela) and Elena Ojea (University of Vigo). Besides monitoring his progress, the Advisory committee board members provided him feedback and suggestions. Orjän Bodin, specialist in natural resource management, connectivity networks and transdisciplinary methods in SES, shared experiences with Diego to perceive key variables in dynamic complex systems and in applying different methods for their quantification. On the other hand, Sebastian Villasante has a broad knowledge in fisheries systems and policies, as well as experience working in international territories. Also, his background in the social-economic dimension of fisheries will help Diego to conduct the next steps of the study. Eventually, Elena Ojea, IP in the Future Oceans Lab and supervisor of Diego´s PhD, has experience in adaptation policies, ecosystem services and Social-Ecological Systems evaluation, a good guide to follow for discover new key information for adaptation in these complex systems.

Congratulations Diego!



*photo credit Sara Ojea
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