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FOL at the ICES working Group on Resilience and Marine ecosystem services

The Working Group celebrates its third annual meeting in Vigo this week

12/07/2017 -

The ICES Working Group on Resilience and Marine Ecosystem Services (WGRMES) is now celebrating its third annual meeting in Vigo at the Marine Institute (IIM, CSIC). Researchers and practitioners working around marine ecosystem services from different  European countries meet during two days to discuss over some of the most important questions around resilience and marine ecosystem services. The objective of this 5 year working group is to advance on the understanding of marine ecosystem services as a framework to improve sustainable management and conservation in the ocean.

The International Council of the Exploration of the Sea is a advisory entity that develops scientific understanding on sustainable fisheries management. ICES supports different working groups, that allow for diverse actors to take part into specialized discussions and solutions to main challenges in global fisheries and marine ecosystems. Sebastian Villasante and Gonzalo Macho are coordinating this particular WG that is evolving around four topics: 1) The Blue growth agenda and marine-coastal ecosystem services; 2) Small scale fisheries and marine-coastal ecosystem services; 3) Synergies and trade-offs between marine-coastal ecosystem services; and 4) Social transformations of marine-coastal ecosystem services. Results from this work will be shared and published and participants are welcomed to join the team.

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