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Xiaozi Liu

Xiaozi Liu will join FOLab for the fisheries bioeconomic postdoc position in CLOCK

The researcher has a strong background on international fisheries management under climate change

11/07/2017 -

After a competitive selection process for the postdoctoral position on bioeconomic modelling, Xiaozi Liu has succeded and will be joining the CLOCK project at FOL from September 2017.

Xiaozi has been working on fisheries economics since 2008, and in her research, she tackled the management challenges arising from stock distributional shifts due to changes in climate or other environmental conditions, investigating the effects of strategic interactions on the stability of existing fisheries agreements and the optimal sharing rules as well as how market signals can be used to know the condition of fisheries stocks.

Her incorporation to FOL team will contribute positively to reach the objectives of CLOCK ERC funded project. We are really looking forward to welcome Xiaozi  to our team.

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