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FOLab gives a talk at the Fishing Accelerator

this week we meet the people behind the start up project in Vigo

05/07/2017 -

The lab is establishing its first connections with the fishing sector, as we are really interested in knowing what are the initiatives going on in the fisheries industry, as well as getting to know their main concerns relative to fishing and climate change. Some fishing companies and producer organizations are involved in a new project for promoting new start ups in the fishing sector. The project is called Fishing Accelerator and connects the most innovative technology from start ups with leading companies in the sector. The accelerator was born last year and they will have an open day soon at the Spanish Association of Wholesalers, Importers, Manufacturers and Exporters of fish products and Aquaculture (CONXEMAR) conference next fall.

As part of the program at the Fishing Accelerator, we were invited to give a session on climate change impacts and adaptation in fisheries. Elena Ojea presented a review on the existing evidence on climate change impacting the oceans, the impacts in fisheries and the adaptation measures that are being discussed in the scientific community. Some of the questions raised by the corporates where related to current European policy and the system of TACs. It is still unknown to shat extent the current system of quotas in the EU will be a climate proof policy and current research, including the one we are doing at the Future Oceans Lab, is addressing this question.



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