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Science and Storytelling: Alba´s participation in Science Stars in Kazaksthan

FOL PhD student Alba Aguión explained her master research in an event organized in Nazarbayev University

04/07/2017 -

There is an Indian proverb that says “Tell a good story… and the whole world will listen”. The night of June 27th Science Stars proved that to be right, at least when it comes to talking about science. The event consisted in 9 young researchers from different fields explaining scientific concepts in an entertaining way to the general public. FOL PhD student Alba Aguión participated in the event, among scientists from Malaysia, Norway, the UK and Kazakhstan. During the event, a crowded auditorium laughed and learned about topics such as “Why do men have nipples?” and “The science of flirting”. Among all, the UK participant was voted as this year´s winner.

Science starts was held at the Nazarbayev University in Astana (Kazakhstan), as part of the EXPO 2017 that is taking place during this summer in the country. Hence, besides taking part in the event, Alba and the other participants had the chance to visit the EXPO and learn about technologies and energy from renewable sources. From FOL, we want to congratulate the winner Emer Maguire for her fantastic speech and also thank to the British Council Kazaksthan Alba´s invitation to the event. This is indeed a fantastic way to train how to communicate our research to a non-scientific audience!

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