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Future Oceans Lab learning about complex systems in Stockholm

Diego Salgueiro is just back from a 2-week stay at the Stockholm Resilience Centre

28/06/2017 -

The Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), established in 2007, holds a vision of a world where Social-Ecological Systems are understood, governed and managed, to enhance human well-being and the capacity to deal with complexity and change, for the sustainable co-evolution of human civilizations and the biosphere, with special emphasis on resilience.

Last month, thanks to the support of the Euromarine fellowship and the lab Diego was able to get training as a visiting researcher in the SRC. During his stay, Diego learned about quantitative methods for studying Social-Ecological Systems in an international PhD course. Furthermore, taking advance of this opportunity, the FOL member met  Prof. Orjän Bodin (member of his advisory committee board) to discuss his research. In addition, and without wasting any time, Diego made progress on his PhD thesis in the Swedish center, accomplishing one of the main tasks for his first objective. Embedded in the resilience perspective, exploring methods to quantify adaptation to change in social-ecological systems, the member of FOL spent his days getting introduced to resilience thinking, making interviews, consulting with experts and exploring new horizons to drive his research through complex adaptive systems.

In the middle of an international environment, trans-disciplinary researchers and the many activities running around, Diego followed the rhythm of the SRC every second, and he also shared ideas, experiences and good times with the SRC colleagues, researchers and PhD students. Interesting questions and open pathways to promising collaborations are rising from this experience.  It was a very worth stay in the Scandinavian capital. Welcome back Diego!

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