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ICES 2017

FOL going to ICES Annual Science Conference 2017

Alba and Diego will go to Florida this September to present their work

20/06/2017 -

The International Council for the Exploration of the SEA (ICES) will hold its Annual Science Conference (ASC) in Florida. ICES event will take place from 18-21 September in the Broward County Convention Center where all the conference-goers, including scientist, policy makers, organization representatives, and students deal with the latest in marine science and research.

The ASC provides an important venue to meet and discuss different research topics;  from the impacts of climate change on marine ecosystem, the linkages between spatial ecology and sustainable fisheries, the uses of ecosystem indicators for decision- making, and social sciences in marine ecosystem services research, among others. We will be there participating in sessions F: Linkages between spatial ecology and sustainable fisheries and session M: Modelling social-ecological systems: methods and tools for scenario development and prediction.

FOL will have its representation with Alba and Diego and both will present their research in Florida. Alba will show the results of a collaborative work we are doing at the lab on the socioeconomic implications of distributional shifts of commercial marine species due to climate change. Diego will talk about the urgent need for understanding how socio-ecological systems (SES) adapt to climate change, and how adaptation in small-scale fisheries can be designed.


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