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New book on the economics and management of sustainable oceans

Edward Elgar just released the new Handbook where FOL participates

14/06/2017 -

The Handbook on the Economics  and Management of Sustainable Oceans is a new book edited by Paulo A.L.D. Nunes, Lisa E. Svensson and Anil Markandya and has just been released last week. The book covers oceans sustainability from the manager perspective, by looking into more detail ho we should measure ecosystem services benefits, how to use these information to better inform decisions, and the overall role of science to policy interface. One of the key messages in the book is that governance must include an ecosystem approach. This approach defends a management that is integrative and promotes conservation and sustainable equitable use, recognizing that humans are a component of ecosystems.

Elena has participated in chapter 10: Operationalizing the ecosystem approach to resolve mismatches in ocean governance, together with Maialen Garmendia, Anil Markandya and Marta Pascual from the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3). This chapter focuses on the ecosystem approach implementation discussing the necessary steps and consideation. It also illustrates this procedure with a case study on sea level rise in Croatia. This chapter has been developed under a collaboration between researchers in the past EU FP7 projects CoCoNet and PERSEUS. If you are interested in more details, results from previous projects financed by the European Union are available in their repository.

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