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Seminar at ECIMAT to talk about shifting stocks

Eena Ojea presented in the "Café con Sal" program

29/05/2017 -

Last Thursday June 1st at 11am, Elena Ojea has been presenting the research project CLOCK at ECIMAT. As part of the series of seminars “Café con Sal“. Elena took the chance to give an introduction to her on going work on climate change and spatial management. As climate change is impacting the Oceans, resource management needs to adapt and assure sustainable fishing in the long term. Spatial tools for marine management such as Marine Protected Areas or Territorial Use Rights for Fisheries may be compromised under shifting species distribution. We don’t know the degree to which current management will be sufficient to address climate change impacts and this presentation will discuss the value of such adaptation. Elena’s  work has been developed in UCSB with Professors Christopher Costello and Andrew Rassweiler. You can find more information here.

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