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Last Future Oceans Around before the summer

Students apply the Ocean Health Index to Ría de Vigo

19/04/2017 -

For the last session of FOA, we go back to IES Val Miñor to share science  with 2º Bach students and to close FOA series of seminars before the summer holidays. To end in the best way possible,  we decided to apply the Ocean Health Index to Ría de Vigo in an independent assessment. For this, participants had to combine environmental and social interests in a interdisciplinary applied methodology.

The Ocean Health Index (OHI) is a perfect example of using science to inform policy, in line with our aim in Future Oceans Around. The OHI analyzes the connections between oceans and societies in a tool where we can explore how healthy our oceans are. The OHI looks at how oceans provide services and goods to people now and in future,  taking a socio-ecological  perspective and considering the potential pressures to our oceans and their capacity to absorb these pressures or resilience.

During the session, students showed the scientific and management skills that they started to develop in the first FOA sessions. Through this last activity, participants could take a look inside the index,  and understand and discuss its methodology. They re-structured the OHI for Ría de Vigo: including the  philosophy the OHI, the weight of each goal and subgoal, as well as the components,  to finally calculate the index.

After this hard task, students concluded with very interesting results. They could understand the complexity of applying scientific knowledge to reality, realizing about the assumptions taken for any model, learning to participate in a decision-making process and to debate the results. With this session, Future Oceans Around closes until autumn, when we expect to run again the sessions. We have learn a lot together during these months, we thank all the participants and teachers for their time, attention and effort, we are very happy to meet you.

Have luck and see you next time!

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