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Team members with Suso Barreiro in the fish market

Visit to Cambados Fisher Guild

FOL travelled to the oldest fisher guild in Spain to learn about small-scale fisheries management

14/02/2017 -

As a step in the process of identifying novel research questions related to marine management, Future Oceans Lab (FOL) visited Cambados Fisher Guild last February. This cofradía is located in the Ría de Arousa, one of the main shellfish beds in Galicia (Spain) and it has just become a century-old institution.

We had the chance to understand how the oldest fisher guild in Spain works from the really inside thanks to Suso Barreiro and Carlos Mariño, who are in charge of the bay and the Cambados fisheries monitoring and management, respectively. Carlos Mariño role is also known as a ‘barefoot ecologist’, as described by Macho et al. (2013) in AMBIO.

Talking to the biologists, managers, and shellfish harvesters gave us a deeper understanding on how the guilds work, and we certainly feel very inspired to keep advancing on how will shifting stocks affect Galician Artisanal fisheries under Climate Change.

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