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Future Oceans Around: science on high school

We celebrated the first session of our dissemination programme at IES Val Miñor debating about the Planetary Boundaries Framework

18/01/2017 -

Last January we were at IES Val Miñor starting our Future Oceans Around Programme.

The Future Oceans Lab has as one of their missions to conduct the best science and to share the scientific approach to the broader society.

Full of ideas and energy, we decided to spread scientific concepts and experiences related to our research lines and disseminate them to students of environmental and social sciences in the Future Oceans Around program. The experience will last until the end of June, and we will be visiting the high school IES Val Miñor once per month.

We started the program with the first topic of the five that will be addressed during the five-month experience, by bringing from the Stockholm Resilience Center the Planetary Boundaries Framework. The framework presents a set of planetary boundaries within which humanity can continue to develop sustainable now and in the future.

During the session, students from 2nd Bach were working, thinking and debating about the Planetary Boundaries Framework and its potential application to their region. Really good results came out from the process, as all groups of students came up with ideas for the application of the limits to their own environment at a regional scale (Val Miñor), and discussed several preventive measures to avoid reaching the thresholds proposed by the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

The session was closed with some interesting ideas in mind, for instance, adding new thresholds and new planetary boundaries to the framework for it to be operative at the regional scale. We want to thank from here all of the students for their great participation. It was a really nice time sharing ideas.

See you next month


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